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Amajoyi ChiomaFeb 7, 2021

Woke (Working On Knowing Eternity) brings you a whole new perspective on life- an eternal perspective. We bring the Word of God to life for you and together we explore how those words written so long ago are alive and relevant to your life today.

Join our hosts, brilliant young entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders as we examine all those issues you never discussed in Church, from pressures at the workplace and in school, to love and relationships, to financial management even to having fun without destroying your future.


TokeFeb 7, 2021

Hosted by Fashion designer, actor and businessman Ifeanyi Kalu, MIL fashion brings you everything you need to know about fashion as a passion and as an industry. If you are a lover of fashion and beautiful clothes made with love, tune in to Made In LoveWorld fashion, live on this channel.


Kelvin EnabuleleFeb 7, 2021

BLW Alumni share their success stories and the battles they faced in short video clips. Here we strip away all the rosy stuff and get down to the nitty gritty of how to succeed at everything from business to the academia. Watch, be inspired and go out and inspire others!


PDDFeb 7, 2021

Get all the inspiration you need to start your week in a 90 second video burst with PDD. This is one you should never miss.


PDDFeb 7, 2021

Talent gets you in the door, but discipline gets you to the top floor. Learn everything you need to become an elite performer with The Academy, hosted by Pastor Doyin Dennis.


FavssMar 2, 2021

Join our lifestyle expert Favour, For 5 minutes of hacks and tips for that glam lifestyle you've always wanted to live.

Learn how you can up your make-up game, turn everyday clothes into fashion statements, skin care and hair care hacks, and so much more.